Ray W. JOhnson

CAll Me RayJ

Pronounced RayJay.


He who walks behind the code.

I read about programming, think about programming, talk about programming, learn about programming, and dream about programming.

Ray W. Johnson


About Me

The Beginning

Learned to computer programming on an Apple IIe. Cerca 1982ish. I soon had a Commodore VIC20 and then a 64. I was well and truly hooked. I read about programming, thought about programming, talk about programming, learned about programming, and would often dream about programming. For me, coding is more than a technical skill. It is an art. Concept, design, create, debug, update, test, implement. I see coding as an artist sees painting.

Programming Languages

A list of the coding, systems, or frameworks that I have some experience with: PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS, PERL, C / C++, C# / ASP.NET, REBOL, Delphi / Pascal, Java, Rebol, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Delphi/Pascal, C, C#, C++, MySQL/MariaDB, MSSQL, WordPress, vBulletin, Code Igniter, Skeleton, Media Wiki, Laravel, Node.JS, and many more (that I cannot recall).

I have dabbled in a great many things related to computers in general. Including, but not limited to: Crypto currency and block chain, networks and networking, graphic and graphic cards, input device, storage, home built computers, displays/monitors, WIFI/wireless, and on and on.


The Enigma of Linux

I am a Linux person. I prefer open source. Prefer not to support the secret worlds of those other operating systems. That is not to say that I cannot work equally well on those other operating systems. I do charge extra for that.

I am comfortable with command line work and manually editing config files. I prefer to know how things work. This helps solve many problems.


I have traveled a bit. Visiting about half the states in the US. I have visited the following countries: Japan (Tokyo), China (Hong Kong), New Zealand (various), Italy (various), and Thailand (various). I have landed at airports in Taiwan and Germany (while traveling) but did not get the chance to visit.

 In the near future I will be moving my base operations to Thailand. The land of smiles.