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Using the WordPress basic feature. Blog posts. Enjoy!

I fix WordPress for $200

I fix bugs, themes, plugins, settings, tools, users, comments, forms, etc. Broken links, broken CSS or layout, or other visual issues. I also provide install, setup, backup, restore, security, repair, integration, customization, and support. Contact me to get started...

LinkedIn #OpenToWork

CSRTech has new client openings. Specializing in Wordpress, we offer custom development, hosting and website management services. Referral fees for new clients available! https://www.linkedin.com/in/ray-w-johnson/

Why I write code.

Because it is fun! No really. I do enjoy the ability to create something from basically nothing. That is an oversimplification to be sure. All the hard work has already been done. The physical computer, operating system, programming language, and programming tools...

WHM/CPanel (or WordPress)

CSRTech has change focus. Primarily focusing on consulting services for small business. Knowledge: Support, Consulting, Translations, SEO/MarketingData Protection: Backup, Restore, Files/DataUnique: Customization, Performance, Page OptimizationSecurity: Firewall,...