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If you clicked the CSRTech logo from your WordPress login, all is well. The logo shows on websites that are branded by CSRTech as protected sites. CSRTech is your site’s security and update manager.

Branding Logo

CSRTech Inc. installs a plugin (CSRTech: Prime), and Wordfence, on all sites that are covered by CSRTech’s proactive security contract. Proactive means not relying on “install and forget” plugins. But a continuous effort to keep the site clean and free of spam-ware and malware. It is impossible to guarantee that this site will not be hacked and infected with spam-ware or malware (or worse). However, it is possible to guarantee that if this site is hacked, it will be cleaned and restored as quickly as possible, free of charge.

CSRTech also installs MainWP (child) to manage sites quickly and easily. This plugin is hidden. It provides many excellent features. Including a Support page. You will see a “Contact CSRTech Support” link in the upper right when logged into the AdminCP. Feel free to send a support request for any issue with your site.

CSR Login Branding